License Agreement

By making a purchase, you are consenting to the terms of the licensing agreement outlined below:

Standard License

All of our Canva templates include a commercial standard license.

This license grants you permission to download the templates and associated assets, duplicate them within your personal Canva account, customize them, incorporate your own content, and utilize them without limitations in your Business.

A separate license is necessary for each social media account, including those of clients you manage and utilize the templates for.

You are prohibited from reselling or distributing the templates, design assets, icons, or any components thereof in any form.

All template designs are protected by copyright.

Can I use the templates to create marketing material like promotional graphics or digital ads?

Yes, you are permitted to utilise our templates for activities such as promoting your business or conducting paid advertising. However, commercial use does not encompass selling or distributing the product as it is, nor does it involve incorporating our templates into one of your own products.

Can I use the templates for client work?

Yes, you are welcome to utilise the templates to craft business stationary for your clients. However, please be aware that each template can only be employed for a single business — whether that belongs to you or to one of your clients.

Can I use the templates to create my own products?

No, you can’t utilize any of our templates, design assets, or any portions thereof to develop your own product for sale.

This prohibition extends to incorporating them into a membership program or distributing them as a free product (“freebie”).

It’s important to understand that our work is protected by copyright, and while you are granted the right to use the templates for your business, you are not authorized to resell or redistribute them in any capacity, whether commercial or non-commercial. Should any infringement of our copyright be detected, legal action will be pursued.